Types Of College Essay Topics That Every Student Must Know

Essays can be a tough assignment for many students. Although essays mean writing a series of paragraphs, putting one’s thoughts in a correct way can be complicated. Knowing the rules to follow will certainly make one’s work stand out among the rest. As there are several types of essays, below are the most frequently used and the rules to follow to make one’s essay effective.ExpositoryThis type of essay focuses on an idea and the reaction of the writer.

The Importance Of Anti-Virus Software

Any computer and internet user, regardless of the reasons that they are online, need to have the latest anti-virus software programs installed on their computer. Even thought most of these programs come already installed with your computer and are free, anti-virus software is absolutely essential to safe and uninterrupted internet usage. It also plays and important role in computer safety, as it can protect your vital documents and files from becoming damaged or lost forever.