Ever wondered about all of individuals odd phrases in spy videos? Acceptance Test Driven Development and counter surveillance has its own jargon loaded with acronyms and technical terminology. But worry not, right here is the A-Z of the most well-liked terms utilised within the spying game.

Bug - a hidden digital unit used to capture, record and/or transmit info to a getting celebration. Most often this is a modest concealed microphone merged with a radio transmitter.

Bug Sweeping - this is an exercise carried out by counter surveillance experts to detect and remove covert audio and visible surveillance units from regions this sort of as personal residences, autos and firm boardrooms.

Get in touch with Microphone - a microphone used by eavesdroppers to select up audio when it is positioned in direct speak to with a wall or other large flat vibrating surface area.

Countermeasures - steps taken to counter eavesdropping, surveillance and safety threats. Countermeasures range from standard electronic bug sweeps of a building to basically utilizing stability suggestions for an organisation.

Counter Surveillance - the actions taken to stop unwanted surveillance which includes covert surveillance. Counter surveillance techniques may well contain electronic processes this kind of as bug sweeping or human inspection of premises. Counter surveillance will often use a established of countermeasures to lessen the danger of potential surveillance threats.

Dead Letter Box - A key area where spies can depart products such as reviews for every other with out the hazard of confront to confront conferences.

GSM Unit - World-wide Program for Cellular communications (GSM) gadgets use the cellular phone infrastructure and technology to relay audio to an eavesdropper in a remote spot. The worldwide mother nature of the cell phone community is this kind of that a gadget planted in a boardroom in 1 metropolis can be monitored from a location properly on the other side of the globe.

GSM Detector - an electronic unit utilised to detect the existence of active cell phones in the surrounding region that are using the GSM provider.

Satellite Phone Blocker - blocks those areas of the L-band spectrum employed by satellite telephones by emitting a modulated sign sweeping more than the band which drowns out nearby reception from the satellites.

SITREP - an abbreviation of ‘Situation Report’. CIA jargon.

Spare Pair - in phone programs a ‘spare pair’ of wires in the mobile phone cable can occasionally be employed by eavesdroppers to pay attention in to discussions having area on the telephone by itself and taking place in the vicinity of the handset.

Tiger Testing - originated in the US military and refers to a approach they use to test their own base defences. The exact same Tiger Screening approach has proved productive in commercial situation. A tiger test entails a crew of specialists attempting to covertly enter a location and obtain predetermined data from the shopper without the alarm becoming elevated. At the end of the exercising concealed security lapses and weaknesses in info storage are revealed, enabling the organisation to place into place successful countermeasures.